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Table 1 European Communication on Research Awareness Needs (ECRAN) materials according to the ECRAN project’s targets

From: A European multi-language initiative to make the general population aware of independent clinical research: the European Communication on Research Awareness Need project

Materials No. of languages Main targetc
   General population Clinicians and researchers Journalists Young people
Online database 23  
Animated filma 25
Discover randomised clinical trials: interactive tutorial, FAQs, glossary, leaflet, etc. 6   
Serious games 6    
Testing Treatments interactive sibling websitesb 9   
Website 6
Facebook/Twitter 1
Media section 1     
  1. a23 official European languages, plus Norwegian and Luxembourgish versions
  2. bEnglish, Croatian, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish
  3. cWhen the material is not addressed to a target, the related box is blank
  4. FAQs frequently-asked questions