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Table 1 Outcome measure assessments

From: BEAT-IT: Comparing a behavioural activation treatment for depression in adults with intellectual disabilities with an attention control: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Outcome Participant measures Carer measures
Depressive and anxiety symptoms Glasgow Depression Scale for People with Learning Disabilities (20 items: 10 minutes) Intellectual Disabilities Depression Scale (38 items: 10 minutes)
Glasgow Anxiety Scale-ID (20 items: 10 minutes)
Aggression   The Behaviour Problems Inventory for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities; Aggressive Behaviour sub-scale (10 items: 5 minutes)
Carer self-efficacy Not applicable Emotional Difficulties Self-Efficacy Scale (10 items: 5 minutes)
Participant-carer relationship Not applicable Expressed Emotion: Five-Minute Speech Sample
Activity measures and quality of life EuroQual (EQ-5D 3 L; 5 items: 5 minutes) EQ-5D 3 L (5 items: 5 minutes)
  Social Support Questionnaire (3 items: 10 minutes) Modified Index of Community Involvement (46 items: 10 minutes)
Modified Index of Domestic Participation (13 items: 5 minutes)
ABS-RC:2 (4 sub-scales; 48 items; 10 minutes)
Response to life events Bangor Life Events Schedule for Intellectual Disabilities (24 items: 10 minutes) Not applicable
Health economics EQ-5D (5 items: 5 minutes) EQ-5D (5 items: 5 minutes)
Client Service Receipt Inventory (30 items: 10 minutes)
Medication inventory (10 items: 5 minutes)