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Table 4 Discharge from physiotherapy scoring tool [62]

From: The LIPPSMAck POP (Lung Infection Prevention Post Surgery - Major Abdominal - with Pre-Operative Physiotherapy) trial: study protocol for a multi-centre randomised controlled trial

Mobility Score
 Reached pre-operative ambulation status 3
 Requires supervision, status has plateaued 2
 Requires assistance, status is improving 1
 Unable to ambulate 0
Breath sounds
 Reached pre-operative levels and within expectations for that patient 3
 Slightly decreased breath sounds or presence of a few added sounds 2
 Markedly abnormal breath sounds and/or significant added sounds 1
Secretion clearance
 Able to clear secretions independently OR at pre-operative status 3
 Requires assistance to clear secretions 1
SpO2% (on room air or pre-op oxygen levels)
 SpO2 ≥ 92 % (no respiratory condition) OR SpO2 ≥ 88 % (existing respiratory condition) 3
 SpO2 < 92 % (no respiratory condition) OR SpO2 < 88 % (existing respiratory condition) 2
Respiratory rate (at rest and during activity)
 Within normal expectations 3
 Outside acceptable range for the individual 2
Total score (min 6, max 15)
A score ≥14 = discharge from physiotherapy