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Table 3 LIPPSMAck POP ambulation protocol

From: The LIPPSMAck POP (Lung Infection Prevention Post Surgery - Major Abdominal - with Pre-Operative Physiotherapy) trial: study protocol for a multi-centre randomised controlled trial

Stage 1 (Safety) Sit over edge of bed/sit in chair minimum of 2 min
Stage 2 (Safety) March on spot 0–1 min
Stage 3 (Ambulation) March on spot/walk away from bedside 1–3 min
Stage 4 (Ambulation) March on spot/walk away from bedside 3–6 min
Stage 5 (Ambulation) Walk away from bedside 6–10 min
Stage 6 (Ambulation) Walk away from bedside 10–15 min
Stage 7 (Ambulation) Walk away from bedside >15 min