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Table 3 Study settings

From: The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the peer-delivered Thinking Healthy Programme for perinatal depression in Pakistan and India: the SHARE study protocol for randomised controlled trials

Study settings Pakistan India
Study area Kallar Syedan, one of the seven rural sub-districts of the district Rawalpindi Three out of six sub-districts of North Goa district: Bardez, Bicholim and Tiswadi talukas.
Population 170,000 1,460,000
Average household size 6.2 members 4.2 members
Livelihood Mainly subsistence farming, supported by serving in the armed forces or working as government employees and semi-skilled or unskilled labourers in the cities Mainly tourism supported by mining and agriculture
Literacy rates Males 80 %, females 50 % Males 93 %, females 82 %
Infant mortality rates 84 per 1000 live births 9 per 1000 live births