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Table 2 Predefined group and subgroup analyses according to treatment allocation

From: Treatment of Brain AVMs (TOBAS): study protocol for a pragmatic randomized controlled trial

Stratified randomized allocation Groups: Intervention group versus Observation group
  Surgery subgroup versus Observation subgroup
  Radiosurgery subgroup versus Observation subgroup
  Embolization subgroup versus Observation subgroup
Randomization on pre-embolization Groups: Embolization versus No embolization
  Embo + surgery subgroup versus Surgery alone subgroup
  Embo + radiosurgery subgroup versus Radiosurgery subgroup
  Conservative management
  Surgical treatment (alone)
  Surgical treatment (with embolization)
  Radiotherapy (alone)
  Radiotherapy (with embolization)
  Embolization (alone)
  Embolization + surgery
  Embolization + radiotherapy
According to presentation Unruptured AVM patients
  Ruptured AVM patients
According to SM grading Low-grade AVM patients
  High-grade AVM patients
  1. AVM arteriovenous malformation, SM Spetzler-Martin