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Table 1 Topics covered during intervention sessions

From: Fostering emotional, social, physical and educational wellbeing in rural India: the methods of a multi-arm randomized controlled trial of Girls First

Resilience Curriculum (RC) sessions Health Curriculum (HC) sessions
Session 1 Introduction and assessments Session 1 Introduction and assessments
Session 2 Setting group guidelines Session 2 The health system
Session 3 Listening skills Session 3 Nutrition and anemia (I)
Session 4 Character strengths (I) Session 4 Nutrition and anemia (II)
Session 5 Character strengths (II) Session 5 Water, sanitation and health
Session 6 Life stories and goals Session 6 Key health issues
Session 7 Planning to reach our goals Session 7 Diarrhea and diarrhea management
Session 8 Identifying emotions Session 8 Review
Session 9 Emotional awareness Session 9 Gender constructs (I)
Session 10 Managing strong emotions (I) Session 10 Gender constructs (II)
Session 11 Benefit finding Session 11 Know your body
Session 12 Managing strong emotions (II) Session 12 The reproductive system
Session 13 Assertive communication Session 13 Menstruation and hygiene
Session 14 Restorative practices for conflict resolution Session 14 My relationships
Session 15 Group problem solving Session 15 Intimate relationships
Session 16 Identifying and opposing violence Session 16 Physical intimacy
Session 17 Forgiveness and apologies Session 17 Gender-based violence
Session 18 Self-esteem and character strengths Session 18 Understanding and promoting rights
Session 19 Problem solving with a focus on friendships Session 19 Substance use and abuse
Session 20 Peace project (I) Session 20 Review and celebrate
Session 21 Peace project (II) Session 21 Assessments
Session 22 Review and celebrate   
Session 23 Assessments and gratitude