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Table 1 Key themes of the a priori framework, as they relate to the literature

From: Projection of participant recruitment to primary care research: a qualitative study

A priori thematic framework Agras I Agras II Hunninghake I Hunninghake II Ederer Collins Weintraub
Protocol factors        
Population and eligibility criteria X X   X X X X
Recruitment methods used   X X X   X  
Complexity, burden, attractiveness of protocol     X    X
Setting factors        
Clinician equipoise     X    
Priority of research and workload X    X   X  
Research culture and experience    X X    
Variation between practices   X     X  
Changes in the clinical environment        X
Choice and quality of data used        X
Over-optimism      X X X
Pilot work X   X    X  
Feasibility work X   X    X  
Projections X X X X X X X
Contingency X   X X