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Table 1 Exclusion criteria of the MULBERRY trial

From: Mulberry extract to modULate Blood glucosE Responses in noRmoglYcaemic adults (MULBERRY): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Exclusion criteria
1. Aged < 18 or > 60 years
2. Pregnant or lactating
3. Body mass index (BMI) < 20 kg/m2 and > 30 kg/m2
4. Fasting blood glucose value > 6.1 mmol/L
5. Any known food allergy or intolerance including mulberry extract
6. Medical condition(s) or medication(s) known to affect glucose regulation or appetite and/or influence digestion and absorption of nutrients
7. Known history of diabetes mellitus (type I/II) or the use of antihyperglycaemic drugs or insulin to treat diabetes and related conditions
8. Use of steroids, protease inhibitors or antipsychotics (all of which have major effects on glucose metabolism and body fat distribution)
9. Current oral hypoglycaemic use
10. Symptomatic IBS
11. History of renal or liver diseases
12. History of clotting or bleeding disorders
13. Taken antibiotics in last 3 weeks prior to screening
14. Taking daily medications or dietary supplements that are not suitable for the study in the opinion of the PI
15. Anaemia
16. Subject to a major medical or surgical event requiring hospitalization within the preceding 3 months
17. Current participation in another clinical study.