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Table 4 Baseline assessments

From: The effect of massage therapy and/or exercise therapy on subacute or long-lasting neck pain - the Stockholm neck trial (STONE): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Baseline Contains Instruments
Baseline A (phone call maximum 7 days before first visit)
General Information [39, 62] Informed consent for the enrolment in the study  
Housing and housing environment  
Occupational class [63]  
Previous experience from massage therapy and/or personal trainer (YES/NO)  
Neck pain Pain intensity and disability related disability in neck [35] Chronic Pain Questionnaire
Duration of neck pain  
Previous episode of neck pain  
Baseline B (paper questionnaire at first visit)
Lifestyle [36, 39] Height and weight  
Cigarette smoking [64]  
Leisure time and occupational physical activity [65]  
Physical demands at work [40, 41]  
General health Self-rated health [66]  
Health related quality of life [38] EQ-5D
Psychological distress [67] GHQ-12
Emotional well-being  
Anxiety, worry, anguish [68]  
Expectation of recovery  
Sleeping problems [42]  
Persistent fatigue  
Chronic diseases Diabetes  
Cardiovascular disease  
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease