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Table 1 Summary of inclusion and exclusion criteria at screening

From: First outline and baseline data of a randomized, controlled multicenter trial to evaluate the health economic impact of home telemonitoring in chronic heart failure – CardioBBEAT

Inclusion criteria
  Confirmed diagnosis of CHF based on ESC guidelines
  Symptoms corresponding to NYHA functional class II–IV
  AHA classification stages C–D
  LVEF ≤ 40 %
  Age ≥ 18 years
  Patient is discharged after being hospitalized for CHF within the last 12 months
  Patient is able to understand the German language
  Patient has sufficient eyesight to understand and follow the instructions communicated by Motiva®
  Patient is willing and able to use the required hardware and software and to maintain a patient diary
  Patient is residing within geographical reach of one of the ten telemonitoring centers in order to receive additional treatment if required as well as follow-up consultation
  Patient gives informed consent regarding benefits and risks related to the trial, and to sign a participation agreement for the installation of the home telemonitoring system Motiva®
Exclusion criteria
  Myocardial infarction within the past 4 weeks
  Heart surgery or any coronary intervention within the past 8 weeks
  Cardiogenic shock within the past 4 weeks
  Intended cardiac surgery within the next 6 months or priority status on a waiting list for organ transplantation
  Severe chronic and pulmonary illness with an immediate impact on the main outcome measures
  Renal dysfunction requiring dialysis
  Dementia or other severe cognitive impairment
  Psychiatric disorders prohibiting a participation in the trial
  Patient is discharged to or living in an older persons clinic or a nursing home
  Patient is participating in another clinical trial
  1. AHA American Heart Association, staging of heart failure, CHF chronic heart failure, ESC European Society of Cardiology, LVEF left ventricular ejection fraction NYHA New York Heart Association, classification of heart failure