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Table 1 Type, timing and means of data collected about participants in COMET study

From: Choice of Moisturiser for Eczema Treatment (COMET): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Data collected Frequency and timing of data collection
Baseline Months 1–3 End of study
Daily Weekly Monthly
Medical history R     
Eczema Area and Severity Index R     
Six Area, Six Sign Atopic Dermatitis severity score R     
Three Item Severity score R     
Skin corneometry R     
Study emollient use   P    
Other emollient or bath additive use   P    
Topical corticosteroid or calcineurin inhibitor use   P    
Patient-Orientated Eczema Measure GP, PN or R   P   
Health care consultation attendance    P   
Eczema-related costs (out-of-pocket expenditure by parent)    P   
Time off work and nursery or day care due to eczema    P   
Dermatitis Family Impact R    P  
Patient Global Assessment R    P  
Quality of life R    P  
Review of electronic medical record      GP or PN
  1. GP, general practitioner; P, parent-completed daily diary; PN, practice nurse; R, research team member