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Table 3 Findings on virtual colonoscopy

From: Virtual colonoscopy, optical colonoscopy, or fecal occult blood testing for colorectal cancer screening: results of a pilot randomized controlled trial

  Patients with virtual colonoscopy as index screening test
(N = 50)
Subjects with polyp(s)a 8 (16)
 Largest polyp 6 mm to 9 mm 7
 Largest polyp 10 mm or greater 1
Distribution of polyps by size, na  
 6 mm to 9 mm 8
 10 mm or greater 1
Patients who underwent follow-up optical colonoscopy 5 (10)
 Distribution of polyps by histology, n  
  Sessile serrated adenoma 3
 Patients with colorectal adenoma(s) 2
 Patients with invasive carcinoma 0
  1. Data are reported as number (percent) unless otherwise indicated
  2. aOnly polyps greater than 5 mm in size were reported (see Methods)