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Table 1 Examples of apps for self-training of experimental group

From: Rehab-let: touchscreen tablet for self-training impaired dexterity post stroke: study protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial

Name of app, developer, link Screenshot Description and aim
Dexteria BinaryLabs, Inc. Each finger needs to touch colored shapes in a timely manner/trace letters/pinch crabs walking on the screen. Encourages finger dexterity and isolation of movements, and provides a performance report. It was developed specifically for training fine motor skills, but not purposefully for stroke
FastTouch Pedro Riera Finger tapping as many times as possible in a pre-fixed time period. Encourages speed of movement and can be performed with one or more fingers
Scribble Kid Mile 26 Studios Tracing and drawing on the tablet with fingers or with a stylus. Encourages accuracy and qualitative movement of the hand
Fruit Ninja Halfbrick Studios Cutting (swiping) fruit that appear in different locations on the screen, in increased frequency while avoiding other shapes. Encourages eye-hand coordination, reaction time and accuracy. Recommend to play "Arcade" mode within a time frame