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Table 3 Variation in definition of outcomes in systematic reviews

From: Outcome reporting in randomised controlled trials and meta-analyses of appendicitis treatments in children: a systematic review

Definition of wound infection (n = 9)
  Discharge of pus from the wound [19, 71]
  Wound infection within the first month of surgery as a direct result of the initial operation [80]
  No formal definition (n = 6)
Definition of intra-abdominal abscess (n = 7)
  Postoperative intra-abdominal abscess (persistent pyrexia without any other focus, after operation, palpable mass in the abdomen or discharge of pus from the rectum) [19]
  No formal definition (n = 6)
Definition of post-operative fever (n = 2)
  Duration of fever [70]
  Post-operative fever [73]
Definition of leucocytosis (n = 1)
  Duration of leukocytosis [70]
Definition of time to normal activity (n = 1)
  Return to normal activity [20]
Definition of time to full activity (n = 1)
  Return to full activity; return tosports [20]
Definition of cosmesis (n = 1)
  Cosmesis measured on visual analogue scale [20]