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Table 5 Statistical analysis methodology (n = 43 unless otherwise stated)

From: A systematic review of the use of an expertise-based randomised controlled trial design

  Number Percentage
Analysis groups according to randomised groups   
 Yes 42 98
 No 1 2
 Unclear 0 0
Analysis adjusting for non-compliance carried out   
 Yes 8 19
 No 35 81
 Unclear 0 0
Compliance analysis type   
 As treated groups 3 7
 Intervention completer subset analysis (full compliance) 2 5
 Intervention completer subset analysis (partial and full compliance) 2 5
 Randomisation-based analysis (method unclear) 1 2
 N/A 35 81
Analysis adjusting for clusteringa   
 Yes 2b 5
 No 41 95
 Unclear 0 0
  1. N/A not available
  2. aAnalyses carried out were mixed-effect models: one with two levels (intervention deliverer and) and one with three (site, intervention deliverer, and participant). bIn one study, the sample size was adjusted to account for clustering by using an intracluster correlation coefficient (ICC) of 0.02; for the other study the observed ICC of the higher level(s) was reported for the two primary outcomes (retention and engagement) under a two level (therapist and participant) and a 3 level model (site, therapist and participant) as 0.180 and 0.22 and 0.099 and 0.110 respectively