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Table 1 Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care (EPOC) risk of bias criteria

From: SWAT-1: The effectiveness of a ‘site visit’ intervention on recruitment rates in a multi-centre randomised trial

Risk of bias criterion Judgement Reason for judgement
Allocation sequence generation High risk Non-randomised method used
Allocation concealment High risk Controlled before and after study
Similarity in baseline outcome measurements High risk Although all sites had low recruitment prior to the intervention, this was imbalanced across the sites
Similarity in baseline characteristics Low risk Similar recruitment processes across sites
Incomplete outcome data addressed Low risk No missing data
Knowledge of the allocated intervention Low risk Objective outcomes, not affected by knowledge of the intervention
Protection against contamination Low risk Allocation was by study site
Free from selective reporting Low risk All pre-specified outcomes are reported
Free from other risks of bias Unclear risk Possible risk from confounders