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Table 1 Eligibility criteria for the randomized clinical trial

From: Effects of traditional Chinese medicine Shu Gan Jian Pi granules on patients with breast cancer and cancer-related fatigue: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria
1 Patients have definite outpatient pathologic diagnosis of breast cancer
2 Eligible patients had completed chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy at least 1 month and mastectomy within 5 years
3 Stage I to III breast cancer with no evidence of recurrence and metastasis
4 Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Performance Status 0 to 2
5 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) syndrome is differentiated as liver depression and spleen deficiency
6 Anticipated survival time exceeds 6 months
7 Eligible patients have no plan to receive chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy during the study
8 Revised Piper Fatigue Scale score ≥ 4
9 Provided signed informed consent before enrollment
Exclusion criteria
1 Complicated by serious diseases of heart, liver and kidney, immune and hematopoietic systems
2 Children and pregnancy
3 Receiving active treatment for anemia with erythropoietin or blood transfusions
4 Using steroids to cure cancer-related fatigue
5 Diagnosed with depression, mental disease or cognitive impairment
6 Allergic to a Chinese herbal compound