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Table 1 Flowchart of patient follow-up

From: Comparison of two strategies for initiating renal replacement therapy in the intensive care unit: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (AKIKI)

  D0 inclusion Daily from D1 to D28 D28 D60
Inclusion and exclusion criteria X    
Demographic data and history X    
Clinical assessment X X   
Laboratory tests X X   
Baseline creatininemia X    
Simplified Acute Physiology Score III X    
Sequential Organ Failure Assessment X D3, D7, D14, D21, D28   
Mechanical ventilation X X   
Treatment with catecholamines X X   
Renal replacement therapy initiation X X   
Renal replacement therapy technique used X X   
Complications of renal replacement therapy or acute kidney injury   X   
Total cost of renal replacement therapy     X
Duration of stay in intensive care unit or hospital    X X
Alive or dead status    X X