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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for randomized clinical trial

From: The effect of an information and communication technology (ICT) on older adults’ quality of life: study protocol for a randomized control trial

Older adults
Inclusion • Age 65 or older
criteria • Live in one of three Wisconsin regions: Milwaukee County; Waukesha County; or Richland, Juneau, or Sauk Counties
• In the last 12 months, has experienced one or more of the following:
Fallen once or more
Felt sad or depressed
Received home-health services
Stayed in a skilled nursing facility
Gone to the emergency room
Been admitted to the hospital
Exclusion criteria • Is currently homeless or living in a hospice center, assisted living facility without access to a stove, or nursing home
• Needs help getting into or out of a bed or a chair
Informal caregivers
Inclusion criteria • Age 18 or older
• Provide physical, emotional, and/or financial support to the older adult
• Be named by the older adult as a caregiver
Exclusion criteria • Being cognitively impaired, as determined by the recruiter’s observation (for example, inability to answer questions or track the conversation)
Both older adults and informal caregivers
Inclusion criteria • Understand the consent form, which is in English
Exclusion criteria • Being unable to give informed consent
• Being unable to use Elder Tree (for example, poor vision that prevents reading a computer screen)