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Table 1 Elder Tree services

From: The effect of an information and communication technology (ICT) on older adults’ quality of life: study protocol for a randomized control trial

Purpose of service for user Challenge being addressed
Isolation and loneliness Driving and transportation Caregiving Medication management Falls prevention
Learn Creating and sharing tips
Links to resources
  Training to use the site (video tutorials, group training, paper manual)
  Tips from driving coach Tips from caregiver coach Tips from diabetes diet coach Tips from falls coach
  Videos for exercise and falls prevention
Communicate Discussion groups, photo-sharing
Family and Friends (a discussion group for only a participant’s invited family and friends. Family and friends do not have access to the rest of Elder Tree)
Private messages
Ask a Coach: Elder Tree has four: a driving coach, caregiver support coach, diabetes diet coach, and falls prevention coach
Bulletin Board (a place where users post recipes, announcements of local events, and other information)
Self-assess During setup: personal assets and needs
For ongoing use: My Health Tracker and My Services. ‘My Health Tracker’ has 18 health measures (weight, blood pressure, quality of sleep, falls, and so on). Users choose which (if any) to track and how frequently they will respond to questions about the measures they select. The user sees results over time reported in graphic displays. In ‘My Services’, participants enter in-home services they receive. Then they get reminders about upcoming services and satisfaction surveys to complete, results of which users can track over time
Use tools Links to games
To-do list with reminders
Challenges from coaches to try healthy behaviors (for example, strength exercises)
  Route planner