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Table 1 Schedule of assessments in Recovery MANTRA

From: Self-Help And Recovery guide for Eating Disorders (SHARED): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Assessment Eligibility screening Baseline Daily, for 6 weeks Weekly, for 6 weeks End of 6 weeks 6-month follow-up
Participant’s information, informed consent, screening X      
Clinical and demographic information   X     
Body mass index   X   X X X
Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire   X    X X
Depression Anxiety Stress Scale   X    X X
Work and Social Adjustment Scale   X    X X
The Autonomous and Controlled Motivations for Treatment Questionnaire   X    X  
Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire - Short     X   
Daily assessments    X    
Client Service Receipt Inventory       X
Visual analogue scale: confidence and motivation to change   X    X  
Cognitive flexibility   X    X  
Patient alliance with therapist   X    X  
Patient alliance with peer mentor     X   
  1. Daily assessments employ visual analogue scales and follow the day reconstruction method to measure daily mood, motivation, confidence, treatment adherence and connectedness.