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Table 1 Protocol schedule of forms and procedures

From: Retention in physically demanding jobs of individuals with low back pain: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

  Baseline 6 months primary outcome 1 year 2 year
The occupational medicine standard baseline questionnaires X    X*
Job category ¶ X X X X
Physically work load in current physically demanding job, Grading (1-4) ¶ X X X X
Sick leave due to LBP the last year, days X†† X† X†† X††
Clinical examination X X X  
Pain, VAS: (0-100 mm) X X X X
SF-36, score (0-100) X X X X
Work Ability Index Questionnaire 3 items X X X X
Fear Avoidance Beliefs, Work Subscale (0-42) X X X X
Fear Avoidance Beliefs, Physical Activity subscale (0-24) X X X X
Pain categorization, PainDETECT®, score (0-38) X X X X
Roland Morris Disability, score (0-24) X X X X
Magnetic resonance imaging, semi-quantitative scores X   X  
Satisfaction with the intervention, NRS (1-10)   X X X
  1. *Selected questions. †Sick leave due to LBP measured weekly during the first six months previously specified in the ’primary outcome‘ section. ††Patient-reported outcome. ¶ Additional reported at the telephone interview.