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Table 3 Measures table and timing

From: DEFENS - Drug Exposure Feedback and Education for Nurses’ Safety: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Concept Measure Description When collected
Outcome Revised Drug Handling Questionnaire Five items, 0 to 5 (never to always) use selected PPE items Baseline
Primary endpoint
Mediator: Knowledge Knowledge questionnaire Twelve items, multiple choice, true/false about 2004 NIOSH alert and recommendations Baseline
After viewing module
Primary endpoint
Mediator: Perceived Risk Three items from Geer’s dermal exposure survey Three items, score 1 to 4 (strongly disagree -strongly agree) about health risks from exposure Baseline
Primary endpoint
Personal Factor Experience Number of years in nursing, oncology nursing, and in current position Baseline
Personal Factor Highest education degree completed Diploma, Associates’ Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate Baseline
Personal Factor Completed certifications ONS Chemotherapy certification, OCN, AOCN Baseline
Organizational Factor Workload Number of patients cared for on shift Baseline
With a spill report
Primary endpoint
Organizational Factor Revised PES-NWI Six subscales, 23 items, score range 0 to 5 (strongly disagree - strongly agree) about presence of favorable work features Baseline
Primary endpoint
Organizational Factor Safety Organizing Scale Nine items, score range 1 to 7 (not at all - to a very great extent) team performance of safety behaviors Baseline
Primary endpoint
  1. AOCN: Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse; OCN: Oncology Certified Nurse; ONS: Oncology Nursing Society; PES-NWI: Practice Environment Scale of the Nursing Work Index.
  2. Note. Baseline assessment begins in Year 1 of the study; the Primary endpoint is assessed approximately 18 months later.