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Table 2 Summary of interview topics covered

From: A little more conversation please? Qualitative study of researchers’ and patients’ interview accounts of training for patient and public involvement in clinical trials


Patient and public involvement (PPI) contributors



Researchers understanding of PPI

Previous experience of being a PPI contributor

Experience of including PPI in research

Expectations for what working on the current trial would be like

Any initial goals or plans for PPI in current trial

What happened?

What happened?

Stage of PPI implementation

How did they become involved in the trial?

Identifying and selecting PPI contributors

PPI contributor’s role

Roles of the PPI contributors

Relationship with research team

Overall experience of including PPI in the current trial



Perceived contributions of PPI

Any differences made to the trial as a result of their input

Challenges of including PPI

Any benefits to themselves of being involved

Any challenges of being involved

Training and support

Training and support

What training and support had been given to PPI contributors and views on this?

What training and support had they received and what are their views of training for PPI contributors?

Views and experiences of PPI training for researchers

What are their views on PPI training for researchers?