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Table 2 Content of the mHealth intervention in Mozambique and Uganda

From: Evaluating the effect of innovative motivation and supervision approaches on community health worker performance and retention in Uganda and Mozambique: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Intervention components (‘innovations’) Mozambique Uganda
Mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Y (Android smart phone) Nokia C2-00 (Java enabled dual SIM card feature phone)
Accessories Solar lamp (Sun King Pro) with multiple phone charging pins Solar lamp (Sun King Pro) with multiple phone charging pins
Software ‘InSCALE APE CommCare app’ providing audio and images for each step in the sick child assessment process. Individual patient data is synchronised with an online database, and aggregated patient data and drug stock reports are submitted on a weekly basis. ‘inSCALE Mobile VHT system’ to send aggregated weekly reports on patients seen (sex, mRDT results, symptoms and classification of signs, treatment given and outcome of treatment) and current drug stock levels.
Respiratory rate application where user presses the centre button for each breath observed during one minute added to the phone tool box.
Respiratory rate application where user taps the screen for each breath observed during one minute built into the electronic algorithm.
Feedback messages Off-line decision support for diagnosis, treatment and referral provided at the end of the consultation process. Relevant and personalised feedback messages based on submitted data sent instantly after reports are received.
Supervisor support Automated weekly and monthly reports are emailed to health facility and district supervisors on APE activities, suggesting targeted follow-up actions. Automated SMS sent to supervisors flagging problems and strengths identified in the data submitted, and alerting supervisors about VHTs requiring targeted supervision.
Trained as trainers and in effective supervision skills using paper based core competency assessment tools
Supervisors’ phones programmed with an electronic checklist related to core APE competencies linked to an APE Performance Checklist.