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Table 1 Follow-up chart of treatment using ban-lan-gen granules against seasonal influenza

From: Efficacy and safety of Ban-Lan-Gen granules in the treatment of seasonal influenza: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Visit cycle evaluation projects Screening stage Remedial period  
Visit 0 day 0.5 to 0 Visit 1 Day 3 + 1 after administration Visit 2 Day 5 + 1 after administration Visit 3 Day 7 + 1 after administration Visit 4 Day 21 + 7 after administration
Acquisition of basic medical history      
Informed consent X     
Basic conditions X     
Symptoms X X X X  
Inclusion and exclusion criteria X     
Safety observations      
Vital signs X    X  
Electrocardiography X a a X  
Chest radiograph X a a a  
Laboratory inspection X a a X  
Record adverse events X X X X X
Record influenza symptoms X X X X  
Rapid diagnostic tests X     
Real-time PCR analyses X X X X  
Viral isolation culture X X X X  
Viral antibody titer X     X
Grouping and giving drugs X     
Administer drugs X X X   
Distribute patient diary card X     
Accompanying treatment A A a a  
Compliance X X X X  
Inspection results X     X
Original record completion X X X X X
Recover study drug     X  
Recover patient diaries     X  
CRF review, recovering and test summary      X
  1. X, must implement; a, necessary to implement.