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Table 2 Select text messages sent to participants over the 12-month study and follow-up period

From: Advancing Survivors’ Knowledge (ASK) about skin cancer study: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Type of message Message content
Early detection Physician exam ASK! Your past radiation treatment increases your skin cancer risk. Checking your skin monthly and asking for a Dr.’s exam are vital to catch & treat it early.
Early detectionPhysician exam ASK! Your doctor is more likely to examine your skin if they know of your skin cancer risk. Here’s how to ask for an exam & an appt checklist:
Early detectionPhysician exam ASK! If your doctor refers you to a dermatologist or other doctor for a mole or area of concern on your skin, follow-up right away! Here’s why:
Early detectionWebsite/Educational The ABCDE rule will help you find unusual moles during your monthly skin self-check. More on the ABCDE rule & pictures plus watch a video:
Early detection Educational ASK! Melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, “writes its message in the skin for all to see”. Check yourself regularly for anything unusual & follow up!
Early detectionWebsite Thanks for being a part of ASK! Do a total skin check monthly–carefully looking at your skin from head to toe and front to back. Here’s how:
Early detectionWebsite/Educational ASK! Skin cancer can grow from existing moles and damaged skin. Get to know your skin. Check for any changes. You’ll get better each time. Tips: