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Table 1 Caseload in participating wards

From: Study protocol for two randomized controlled trials examining the effectiveness and safety of current weekend allied health services and a new stakeholder-driven model for acute medical/surgical patients versus no weekend allied health services

Hospital Ward Description
Dandenong Hospital SW3/W2 acute Orthopaedic surgery
  SW4 Stroke unit
  West 3 Thoracic, Vascular, General surgical and medical units
  West 4 General medicine
  North Ward Head and neck, Plastics
  North 3 Surgical
Western Hospital 2B Medical
  2C Medical
  2D Infectious diseases; Respiratory medicine
  2 Wa Plastics; Head and neck surgery; ENT surgery
  3 W General surgery; Colorectal; Breast; Endocrine; Urology
  3E General surgery; Vascular surgery; Thoracic; Upper gastrointestinal
  1. aStudy 1 only.