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Table 3 Purpose and schedule of assessments in BeneMin

From: The benefit of minocycline on negative symptoms in early-phase psychosis in addition to standard care - extent and mechanism (BeneMin): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

  Screening Randomisation (Pre-treatment) Month 2 Month 6 Month 9 Month 12 (Post-treatment) Month 15 (Post-trial)
Inclusion and exclusion criteria checklist EM       
Case-note diagnostic checklist EM       
Diagnostic and eligibility checklist EM and CO      CO  
Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview EM and CO      CO  
Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale EM and CO CO CO CO CO CO CO
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale III; 4 subtest short form EM and CO      CO CO
Wechsler Test of Adult Reading EM and CO       
Verbal fluency EM and CO      CO CO
Auditory-Verbal Learning Task EM and CO      CO CO
Medication treatment history EM and CO CO CO CO CO CO CO
Pregnancy urine dipstick test EM WCM WCM WCM WCM WCM  
Drug urine screening test EM    WCM    
Drug use questionnaire EM WCM WCM WCM WCM WCM SCo
Blood laboratory screening for kidney and liver function EM      WCM  
Blood pressure and heart rate EM      WCM SCo
MRI screening questionnaire EM       
Duration of untreated psychosis RP       
Body weight and body mass index   CO     CO CO
Global Assessment of Functioning   CO CO CO CO CO CO
Social Functioning Scale   CO   CO   CO CO
MRI scanning   BO     BO  
Blood cytokine screen test   BO   BO   BO BO
Saliva Oragene kit for DNA donation   RP      
Withdrawal criteria checklist   WCM WCM WCM WCM WCM  
Calgary Depression Scale for Schizophrenia   SCo SCo SCo SCo SCo SCo
Simpson and Angus Scale   SCo   SCo   SCo SCo
Barnes Akathisia Scale   SCo   SCo   SCo SCo
Abnormal Involuntary Movements Scale   SCo   SCo   SCo SCo
Antipsychotic Non-Neurological Side-Effects Rating Scale   SCo SCo SCo SCo SCo SCo
7-point compliance scale    AT AT AT AT  
  1. EM, eligibility measure; CO, clinical outcome; RP, response predictor; BO, biomarker outcome; WCM, withdrawal criteria measure; SCo, side-effects and co-morbidity; AT, adherence to treatment.
  2. Intersections between lines and columns show if the test took place during the visit (cells containing an abbreviation). Abbreviations explicate the reason why the test was performed at a particular stage of the trial and how the particular measure fits into statistical design of the study.