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Table 1 Participant assessments at each time point

From: Pilot study to evaluate a tailored text message intervention for pregnant smokers (MiQuit): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Participants Assessments Pre-screen Visit 1: Baseline Randomisation Visit 2: 4 week Follow-up Visit 3: Late Pregnancy/Postnatal Follow-up Visit 4: Validation of smoking status
Trial Unit (PS) X      
Acute Unit (PS) X      
Consenta,b X      X
Visit Datesc   X   X X X
Demographics/Education   X     
Smoking Behaviour 1   X     
Smoking Behaviour 2   X     
Smoking Behaviour 3       X
Smoking Beliefs   X    X  
Pregnancy   X     
Relationship Status   X     
Eligibility Criteria Check   X     
EQ-5D-3 Ld   X   X X  
Allocation - MiQuit/Control    X    
Abstinence Check     X   
Stop Smoking Strategy/Quit attempts      X  
Attitude to Intervention (MiQuit only)e      X  
Assessment of Tobacco Exposuref       X
  1. aTelephone and written consent will be performed at Pre-screening.
  2. bWritten consent for cotinine sample collection will be performed at V4 for those who provided telephone consent at pre-screening.
  3. cTelephone/face to face visit will be performed at V1 (only) and face to face/postal visit will be performed at V4 (only). Visits 2 and 3 will be telephone, with questionnaires sent to any who cannot be contacted.
  4. dEQ-5D-3 L - European Quality of life Five Dimension, Three Levels questionnaire to be completed by the participant.
  5. eA small number of those who are allocated to the MiQuit group and consent at baseline will be contacted for a qualitative telephone interview to provide feedback on their experience of the study and intervention.
  6. fMeasured with saliva cotinine and/or exhaled CO levels.