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Table 2 Randomized placebo-controlled interventional trials with intravenous glycoprotein (GP) IIb/IIIa inhibitors

From: Platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor blockade in coronary artery disease

Trial (number of patients) Agent tested Entry criteria Primary endpoints
EPIC (2099) Abciximab High-risk patients undergoing PCI 30-day composite endpoint: death, MI, CABG,
    or repeat PCI
EPILOG (2792) Abciximab Patients with low and high risk undergoing 30-day composite endpoint: death, MI, CABG, or
   PCI repeat PCI
EPISTENT (2399) Abciximab Patients undergoing elective or urgent 30-day composite endpoint: death, MI, CABG, or
   coronary intervention suitable for repeat PCI
   balloon angioplasty or stenting  
IMPACT II (4010) Eptifibatide Patients undergoing elective, urgent or 30-day composite endpoint: death, MI, unplanned
   emergency coronary interventions CABG, or repeat PCI
RESTORE (2139) Tirofiban Patients undergoing balloon angioplasty 30-day composite endpoint: death, MI, CABG, or
   or directional atherectomy within 72 hours repeat angioplasty and stent
   of ACS  
CAPTURE (1265) Abciximab Refractory unstable angina Death, MI, or urgent intervention for recurrent
    ischemia, within 30 days
RAPPORT (483) Abciximab Within 12 hours of the onset of acute MI, All-cause mortality, non-fatal MI, fatal MI, urgent
   referred for angioplasty target vessel revascularization at 6 months
ESPRIT (2064) Eptifibatide Undergoing non-urgent PCI with a variety Combined endpoint: death, MI, or urgent repeat
   of stents revascularization, and need for bail-out GP IIb/IIIa
    receptor blockade at 48 hours
ADMIRAL (300) Abciximab Patients undergoing stenting for symptoms Composite of death, reinfarction or urgent
   of acute MI within 12 hours of enrollment revascularization at 30 days
   and ST-elevation MI  
TACTICS-TIMI 18 Tirofiban Patients with unstable angina and non-ST- Composite of death, non-fatal myocardial
(2220) (invasive versus elevation MI infarction and rehospitalization for an acute
  conservative strategy)   coronary syndrome
TARGET (4812) Tirofiban versus Non-acute MI, PCI with 'intent to stent' Death, MI, or urgent revascularization, at 30 days
  1. ACS, Acute coronary syndromes; CABG, coronary artery bypass grafting; MI, myocardial infarction; PCI, percutaneous coronary revascularization.