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Table 1 Timeline of major CREST-related events

From: Organizing the Carotid Revascularization Endarterectomy versus Stenting Trial (CREST): National Institutes of Health, Health Care Financing Administration, and industry funding

Date Event
March 1996 Grant application development
Jan 1997 HCFA letter of support for CREST group
Feb 1997 1st NIH grant application submitted
Sept 1997 1st NIH grant application review
May 1998 Revised grant application submitted to NIH
May 1998 Negotiations with device companies
July 1998 2nd NIH grant application review
Jan 1999 Grant awarded
May 2000 HCFA withdraws support
June 2000 Executive order for HCFA participation in clinical
August 2000 HCFA support reinstated
December 2000 First patient enrolled
March 2001 HCFA decision for modification of noncoverage
July 2001 Effective date for HCFA reimbursement policy