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Table 1 Trials exploring ACE inhibitor dosing regimens in heart failure

From: Dose response of ACE inhibitors: implications of the SECURE trial

Trial ACE-I regimens (daily doses) Major findings
NETWORK (n = 1532) Enalapril 2.5 mg bid vs 5 mg bid vs 10 mg bid No difference in hospitalizations for heart failure; trend
  Follow-up: 5.5 months towards fewer deaths with increasing dose
ATLAS (n = 3164) Lisinopril 2.5-5 mg od vs 32.5-35 mg od Trends towards reduced total and CV mortality and
  Follow-up:46 months significant reduction in mortality and all-cause
   hospitalizations for high-dose lisinopril
CHIPS (n = 298) Captopril 25 mg bid vs 50 mg bid Trend towards reduced hospitalizations for heart failure and
  Follow-up: 2 years towards reduced fatal and nonfatal cardiac events for
   high-dose captopril
HEDS (n = 248) Enalapril 20 mg vs 60 mg No significant differences in survival, clinical and
  Follow-up: 12 months hemodynamic variables
  1. ACE-I = angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor; ATLAS = Assessment of Treatment with Lisinopril and Survival; CHIPS = Captopril in Heat Insufficient Patients Study; HEDS = High Enalapril Dose Study; NETWORK = Network of General Practitioners and Hospital Physicians Involved in the Study of Low versus High Doses of Enalapril in Patients with Heart Failure trial.