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Table 1 Scores used to compare the extent of infarction between the various entry diagnoses

From: Design of a trial evaluating myocardial cell protection with cariporide, an inhibitor of the transmembrane sodium-hydrogen exchanger: the Guard During Ischemia Against Necrosis (GUARDIAN) trial

Score UA/NSTEMI High-risk PCI High-risk CABG*
0 ≤ ULN ≤ ULN ≤ 60 U/l
1 >ULN, ≤ 2×ULN >ULN, ≤ 3×ULN >60 U/l to ≤ 100 U/l
2 >2*ULN, ≤ 5×ULN >3×ULN, ≤ 5×ULN >100 U/l to ≤ 200 U/l
3 >5*ULN, ≤ 10×ULN >5×ULN, ≤ 10×ULN >200 U/l to ≤ 300 U/l
4 >10×ULN >10×ULN >300 U/l
  1. Patients who died from an acute MI were given a score of 4. *For CABG-related MIs, the peak value during the first 24 h after surgery was also used, as was the mean of a ratio between the peak values during the first 24 h to the laboratory upper limit of normal. ULN, upper limit of normal of local laboratories for the CK-MB values.