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Table 3 Definitions of postoperative complications.

From: Protocol of an expertise based randomized trial comparing surgical Venae Sectio versus radiological Puncture of Vena Subclavia for insertion of Totally Implantable Access Port in oncological patients

Thrombosis Sonographic findings or phlebography
Postoperative bleeding Clinical diagnosis during reoperation
Hematoma Clinical diagnosis, no reoperation necessary
Disconnection or breakage of the catheter Radiological findigs, findings after explantation
Extravasation of injected fluid Radiological findings or clinical diagnosis
Wound infection Clinical diagnosis. Reopening of wound necessary or antibiotic treatment.
Catheter sepsis Two or more of the following symptoms:
     • temperature over 38.3°C or under 36°C
     • heart frequency over 90 beats per minute
     • breath frequency over 20 breaths per minut, PaCO2 < 32 mmHg (spontan breathing) or PaO2/FiO2 < 200 mmHg (mechanical ventilation)
     • Total peripheral WBC count > 12 G/L or WBC < 4.0 G/L or > 10% immature neutrophils (bands), regardless of total peripheral WBC count
     • Plasma C-reactive protein > 2 SD above normal value
  Positive findings in bacteriology of the Port catheter pike
Cutaneous necrosis Clinical diagnosis or histological finding