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Table 2 Inclusion and Exclusion criteria for practices and patients in the PoCT Trial

From: A pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial to evaluate the safety, clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness and satisfaction with point of care testing in a general practice setting – rationale, design and baseline characteristics

Inclusion criteria   Exclusion criteria
Practices Accredited through RACGP Standards for GP
Minimum patient load from all disease groups:
20 tests per month INR
10 test per month Lipids
5 tests per month HbA1c
Suitable facilities for PoCT – premises, staff and medical record system
Involved in other primary care pathology trial
Patients Diabetes Fasting plasma glucose ≥ 7.0 mmol/L or
2 hour post glucose load ≥ 11.1 mmol/L
< 18 years
Condition not stabilised
Unable to understand written instructions in English
  Hyperlipideamia Eligible for PBS lipid lowering drugs Significant cognitive impairment
Prescribed Warfarin
INR test result within the therapeutic range for at least one month (ie stabilised)
Poor insight into their disease process or physical disabilities