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Table 2 Goals and relevant guidelines for cardiovascular risk factors in MASTERPLAN

From: Multifactorial approach and superior treatment efficacy in renal patients with the aid of nurse practitioners. Design of The MASTERPLAN Study [ISRCTN73187232]

Risk factors Goal Guideline
Blood pressure </= 130/85 mm Hga NFNb8, KDOQIc[10]
Proteinuria Protein excretion in urine < 0.5 g/day KDOQIc[10]
Lipids   KDOQIc[11,44]
Fasting LDL < 2.6 mmol/l  
Anemia   NFNb[45],
Hemoglobin concentration > 6.8 mmol/l KDOQIc[46]
Glucose   NHGd [47]
Fasting glucose < 7.0 mmol/l  
Non Fasting glucose < 9.0 mmol/l  
Calcium and Phosphate metabolism   NFNb[8],
Phosphate </= 1.8 mmol/l KDOQIc[48]
PTH < 18 pMol/l**  
Healthy Nutrition   GRf[49]
Protein 0.8–1.0 g/kg ideal bodyweight/day  
Sodium 2000 mg/day  
Fat Reduce fat, unsaturated fats preferred  
Energy 30–35 kcal/kg ideal bodyweight/day  
Overweight Body mass Index <25 kg/m2  
Physical exercise 5×/week 30 minutes moderate exercise NNGBg[50]
Smoking To Quit NFNb[8]
  1. a In case of proteinuria > 1 g/day: 125/75 mm Hg
  2. b NFN: Nederlandse Federatie voor Nefrologie (Dutch Federation for Nephrology)
  3. c KDOQI: Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative
  4. d NHG: Nederlands huisartsen genootschap (Dutch College of General Practitioners)
  5. e smaller than three times the upper limit of the normal range f GR: Gezondheidsraad (Health Council of the Netherlands)
  6. g NNGB: Nederlandse Norm voor Gezond Bewegen (Dutch Standard of Healthful Physical Activity)