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Table 1 Trial documentation

From: Multifactorial day hospital intervention to reduce falls in high risk older people in primary care: a multi-centre randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN46584556]

Form title Completed/sent by
Screening questionnaire Potential participant
Invitation pack (PIL, falls advice, consent) Potential participant
No phone letter v1 Project officer
Consent form Potential participant
Confirmatory letter (randomised group, diary 1, DH appointment) Project officer
Exclusion letter to pts Project officer
Diary completion reminder Project officer
Diary 2–11 Participant
Acute hospital event form/case note abstraction Project officer
GP event form/case note abstraction Project officer
Day hospital resource use Multidisciplinary team
Final outcome pack (FES, NEADL, EuroQoL, diary 12) Potential participant
Follow-up only falls enquiry Non-RCT follow up only participant