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Table 3 Details of logistics used during the vaccination campaign in Karachi – Pakistan 2003

From: Lessons and implications from a mass immunization campaign in squatter settlements of Karachi, Pakistan: an experience from a cluster-randomized double-blinded vaccine trial [NCT00125047]

Forms First Aid Box Basket
Record book Blood collection tubes Resuscitator
Member list Syringes (5 ml) Spirit swabs
Household list Tube stand Cotton balls
ID card (undistributed) Tourniquit Disposable gloves
Informed consent Butterfly needles Disposal bags
Daily logistics Inj Epinephrine Lamp
Temperature chart Inj Dexomethazone Additional supply
Transfer sheet Syringes (1 ml) Umbrella
Progress sheet Scissors Fan
Tally sheet Handiplast Water cooler
Attendance sheet Thermometer Others
Immunogenicity Extra needles Safety box
Economics Soap Juices
IAE Shoulder bag  
AE definition Pen  
Icebox Marker  
Icepacks Notepad  
Replacement Stamp pad  
Thermometer Duct tape