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Table 4 Twelve-week standardized hatha yoga protocol

From: Yoga vs. physical therapy vs. education for chronic low back pain in predominantly minority populations: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Yoga posture (Asana) Classes incorporating posture by segment Total classes incorporating posture
  Segment 1 weeks 1–3 Segment 2 weeks 4–6 Segment 3 weeks 7–9 Segment 4 weeks 10–12  
  Opening to something greater Listening to the wisdom of the body Engaging your power Bringing it home  
Svasana relaxation and breathing exercises 12
Knee to chest* 12
Knee together twist* 12
Pelvic tilt*   9
Cat and cow pose (and modifications)*   9
Chair pose (and modifications)*   9
Shoulder opener* 12
Crescent moon (and modifications)*   9
Mountain pose (and modifications)* 12
Chair twists, standing and seated 12
Child’s pose*   9
Cobra (and modifications)* 12
Bridge pose* (with and without support) 12
Reclining cobbler*   9
Downward facing dog (and at wall)* 12
Triangle pose (with and without the wall)   9
Locust pose*    6
Sphinx*   9
Standing forward bend at wall*   9
Warrior pose*    6
Extended leg pose*   9
Sun salutations     3
Baby dancer pose*     3
Spinal rolls     3
Svasana integrative relaxation 12
  1. The hatha yoga protocol developed for chronic low back pain patients consists of 12 weekly 75-min yoga classes divided into four 3-week segments. Each segment has a theme. The exercises for each segment are indicated in the table. Each class begins and ends with a relaxation exercise. The protocol provides for modifications of poses to accommodate different abilities.
  2. *Exercises included in the DVD provided to participants for home practice.