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Table 1 Assessment measures in the GoodNight study

From: The GoodNight study—online CBT for insomnia for the indicated prevention of depression: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

  Online screener Screening telephone interview Pre-test survey During intervention Immediate post-test 6-, 18-month f/u 12-month f/u
PHQ-9 1 X   X X X X X
BIS 2 X       
Secondary eligibility criteria X       
MINI 3   X    X X  
Adapted Morin insomnia interview   X      
BTACT 4   X    X X  
Demographics    X     
Condition preference    X     
Perceived need for treatment    X     
GAD- 7 5    X X X X X
PSF 6 (suicidal ideation items)    X   X X X
DBAS-16 7    X   X X X
SAMI 8 (shortened)    X   X X X
IPAQ SF 9    X   X X X
AHSQ/ GHSQ 10    X   X X X
CSRI 11    X   X X X
SF12 12    X   X X X
WHODAS 12 13    X   X X X
ISI 14    X X X X X
Sleep diaries    X X (SHUTi) X X X
Adherence questionnaire      X   
Internet evaluation and utility      X   
  1. 1Patient Health Questionnaire-9 item.
  2. 2Bergen Insomnia Scale.
  3. 3Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview.
  4. 4Brief Test of Adult Cognition by Telephone.
  5. 5General Anxiety Disorder-7 item.
  6. 6Psychiatric Symptom Frequency scale.
  7. 7Dysfunctional Beliefs About Sleep-16 item.
  8. 8Sleep-Associated Monitoring Index.
  9. 9International Physical Activity Questionnaire-Short Form.
  10. 10Actual Help Seeking Questionnaire/General Help Seeking Questionnaire.
  11. 11Client Service Receipt Inventory.
  12. 12Short Form-12 item.
  13. 13World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Schedule-12 item.
  14. 14Insomnia Severity Index.