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Table 5 Selected categorised health domains and example PROM items mapped to these domains

From: Developing core outcomes sets: methods for identifying and including patient-reported outcomes (PROs)

PRO domain Example items (origin PROM)
Emotional function Did you feel tense? (QLQ-C30)
  I feel sad (FACT-E)
  How often in the past two weeks have you felt fearful of cancer recurrence? (EQOL)
Role physical/ADLs Has your illness interfered with your ability to do your job? (PAIS)
  If you take medicine, does this affect your daily life? (GERD-HRQL)
  Does your health now limit you in bathing or dressing yourself? (SF 36)
Physical function Because of your illness, how much physical strength have you lost? (GIQLI)
  Did you have any trouble taking a long walk? (QLQ-C30)
  I am forced to spend time in bed (FACT-E)
Social function How limited have you been in the past two weeks visiting friends or relatives? (EQOL)
  To what extent have your personal relations with people close to you worsened because of your illness? (GIQLI)
  Are you still as interested in your leisure time activities and hobbies as you were prior to your illness? (PAIS)
Generic health How often during the past two weeks have you felt unwell (GIQLI)
  How would you rate your overall health during the past week? (QLQ-C30)
  I seem to get sick a little easier than other people (SF 36)
  1. ADLs: Activities of daily life.