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Table 4 Other descriptive data collected in the EXERPHARMA trial

From: The effect on knee-joint load of instruction in analgesic use compared with neuromuscular exercise in patients with knee osteoarthritis: study protocol for a randomized, single-blind, controlled trial (the EXERPHARMA trial)

  Collection time points
Descriptive data  
  Aastrands test 0, 8 weeks
Observer-reported outcomes  
Performance in exercise group
  Exercise diary (progression, pain, exertion level) During treatment
Patient-reported outcomes  
Generic health measure
  SF-36 acute v. 1.0 (95% CI) 0, 8, 52 weeks
Health economic evaluation  
  EQ-5D v. 1.0 (95% CI) 0, 8, 52 weeks
Adverse events  
  Adverse events questionnaire, change from baseline 0, 8 weeks
  Adverse events text messages, number and types of incidents During treatment
Drug use  
  Drug use diary, amount, intensity, and type 8 weeks
  Drug use text message, numbers During treatment
Assessment of treatment  
  Global perceived effect (GPE) 8, 52 weeks
  Patient Acceptability Symptom State (PASS) 8, 52 weeks
Treatment since end of study treatment  
  Treatment questionnaire, amount, type, and duration 52 weeks