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Table 3 Outcome measures in the EXERPHARMA trial

From: The effect on knee-joint load of instruction in analgesic use compared with neuromuscular exercise in patients with knee osteoarthritis: study protocol for a randomized, single-blind, controlled trial (the EXERPHARMA trial)

  Collection time points
Primary end point  
Knee biomechanics (mean ±95% CI): 0, 8 weeks
  Knee index, during gait  
Secondary end points:  
Knee biomechanics (mean ±95% CI): 0, 8 weeks
  Knee Index, during one-leg rise  
  Peak Knee Adduction Moment, during gait  
  Peak Knee Adduction Moment, during one-leg rise  
  Knee Adduction Moment Impulse, during gait  
  Knee Adduction Moment Impulse, during one-leg rise  
Functional performance test (mean ±95% CI): 0, 8 weeks
  Maximum one-leg rises from stool  
  Maximum number of knee-bendings in 30-second test  
  One-leg hop for distance test  
Patient-reported outcomes:  
Mean KOOS subscale scores (mean ±95% CI): 0, 8, 52 weeks
  Other symptoms  
  Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)  
  Sport and Recreation Function  
  Knee-related Quality of Life (QOL)  
Activity level:  
  UCLA activity score, change from baseline 0, 8, 52 weeks
Pain level:  
  Pain-level text messages, intensity (0–4) During treatment