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Table 1 Study inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Impact of remote ischemic preconditioning preceding coronary artery bypass grafting on inducing neuroprotection (RIPCAGE): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria Rationale for inclusion
Adult patients (18 to 80 years) undergoing primary coronary artery bypass grafting with the use of cardiopulmonary bypass Population of interest
Preoperative exclusion criteria Rationale for exclusion
Emergent coronary artery bypass grafting Higher-risk profile
Recent acute myocardial infarction Concurrent indication for dual antiplatelet therapy
History of stroke or transitory ischemic attack Prior neurological condition
Structural brain abnormalities Prior neurological condition
Carotid artery disease Ineligible for study enrollment
Valve surgery Ineligible for study enrollment
Left ventricular ejection fraction <30% Higher-risk profile
Atrial fibrillation Higher-risk of neurological complications
Renal failure Higher-risk profile
Repeat coronary artery bypass grafting Higher-risk profile
Off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting Avoidance of cardiopulmonary bypass
Inability to provide consent Ineligible for study enrollment
Contraindications for MRI Ineligible for study enrollment
Peripheral vascular disease of upper extremities Contraindication for remote ischemic preconditioning
Postoperative exclusion criteria Rationale for exclusion
New-onset contraindication for MRI Protocol violation
Hemodynamic instability Inability to complete follow-up MRI
  1. MRI, magnetic resonance imaging.