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Table 2 Survey constructs and origins

From: The COMmunity of Practice And Safety Support (COMPASS) total worker health™ study among home care workers: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Primary outcomes Purported mediators Other variables
Fruit and vegetable servings [51] Community of practice scale [52] Demographics; health, work and habits history
Sugary drinks, fats and snacks [53] Social support [54] Job strain [55]
Self-reported physical activity scale [35] Team cohesion [56] Work stress [57]
Safety compliance [58] Sleep deficiency [53, 59]
Self-reported tool use Interpersonal conflict [60]
Occupational Fatigue Inventory [61]
Self-reported injury, workers’ compensation claims
Bodily pain/musculoskeletal complaints [62, 63]
Family work conflict [64]
Family supportive supervisor behaviors [65]
Positive and negative affect [66]
Loneliness [67]
Mood CES-D [68]
Perceived stress [69]
Stressful events [70, 71]
   Life satisfaction [72, 73]