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Table 1 Curriculum lessons, activitiesn and individual and team goals

From: The COMmunity of Practice And Safety Support (COMPASS) total worker health™ study among home care workers: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Session activities Individual and team goals
Session 1: Fruits and vegetables  
• Barriers to eating fruits and vegetables • Individual goal: tracking eating at least five servings each day or substituting for a sugary beverage each day
• Serving size quiz • Team goal: pedometer challenge (team divided into two squads)
• Nutrition jeopardy
Session 2: Back to healthy postures  
• Healthy spine (ship mast analogy) • Individual goal: track neural spine position several times a day or attend relevant Oregon Home Care Commission (OHCC) class
• Practice with partner finding neutral spine • Team goal: all do neutral spine task tracking
• Practice lifting postures
• Tools to avoid back strain
Session 3: Functional fitness  
• Core strengthen • Individual goal: pair with teammate to exercise or core exercises everywhere tracking
• Sitting posture • Team goal: repeat pedometer challenge
• Practice do anywhere core exercises
• ABLE (abdomen, back and leg exercises) stickers
• Benefits of exercise quiz
Session 4: Take a load off with tools  
• Traps that lead to injuries • Individual goal: watch video or attend OHCC class on tools
• Common injuries and how they occur • Team goal: all assess hazards in consumer-employer’s home
• Low tech tool show-and-tell and practice
• On tools
Session 5: Communicate for hazard correction  
• Role play communicating with consumer-employer • Individual goal: interview consume-employer about what makes good and bad days or use the PRAISE communication strategy with consumer-employer
• Learn PRAISE (Plan, Respect, Ask open-ended questions, I statements, Simply listen, Express understanding) mnemonic • Team goal: all talk with consumer-employer about hazard
• Plan interaction
• Role play interaction
Session 6: Mental health  
• Practice total body relaxation • Individual goal: choose relaxation or three blessing activity
• Three blessing activities • Team goal: work on something from previous sessions
• Review of session topics and progress on goals