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Table 1 Summary of online sleep intervention

From: Sleep to lower elevated blood pressure: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Treatment content Sleep information/education, sleep hygiene, relaxation, stimulus control, sleep restriction, cognitive techniques (restructuring, paradox, mindfulness, imagery, putting day to rest, thought stopping)
Duration Six sessions over a minimum of 6 weeks
Delivery context Fully online
Delivered by animated therapist (The Prof)
No face-to-face contact
Additional treatment features Appointment system, interactive sessions, dynamic feedback against personal goals, progress review at start of each session, automatic calculation of sleep data over time, personal case file, end-of-session quiz, 24/7 access
Support/motivational system Praise/reinforcement contingent on progress, online Wikipedia of sleep-educational topics. Social community of users, moderated by experts. Support/prompts/reminders by Email and mobile SMS ”Graduation ceremony” on course completion