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Table 1 Clinical and laboratory data

From: Early non-invasive ventilation for acute respiratory failure in immunocompromised patients (IVNIctus): study protocol for a multicenter randomized controlled trial

  Clinical data Laboratory data
To: randomization Underlying disease  
ARF characteristics
First 24 hours Respiratory rate, SpO2, oxygen flow or FiO2  
Day1 to Day7, Day14, Day28 Respiratory data SOFA score
Course of respiratory and other organ failure  
Suspected diagnosis every day  
Tolerance of NIV in NIV group  
Intubation criteria in both groups  
Day28 Mortality  
Diagnosis of ARF  
Respiratory investigations  
Hospital acquired infections  
Day180 Mortality  
  1. SpO2: oxygen pulse saturation; FiO2: inspired oxygen fraction; SOFA: Sequential Organ Failure Assessment; ARF: acute respiratory failure; NIV non-invasive ventilation, T0: time of randomization.